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WhatsApp group for dealers

If you are a Diller who interested to earn some money by selling high-quality Swiss watches you in the right way. Why you should choose us? Simple, we can offer you:

  • Daily updated models
  • Lowest prices on products
  • Orders for individual models
  • Reliable supplier Trusted Seller

We created a channel in the WhatsApp messenger in which the most diverse models of watches of all possible brands and configurations are received daily.


Our goal is to provide maximum convenience when purchasing new receipts of Swiss watches.


You will immediately find out about the arrival of new models of watches on our platform.


You can make an individual order for a watch through our service. As soon as the required model arrives at our warehouse, we will contact you.


Through our channel, you can directly contact our manager or order the product through the website. Below you can find the subscribe button.


We can arrange shipping to anywhere in the world. As a courier and postal service. For example, if you are in Europe the delivery term is – 10-14 days if you are outside Europe – 21 days.

Personal support

We provide secure watch purchases internationally. Our multilingual team is always at your disposal. Also, you can track order status in your account.

How does it work?


  1. Registration on our channel
    The first thing you need is to register on our channel through the form at the bottom of the page.
  2. Read the instructions
    For your convenience, we have created instructions that will help you use our channel more efficiently.
  3. Select the desired channel
    You can only receive information on specific categories of watches or immediately on the entire list of receipts.
  4. Subscribe to our WhatsApp channel
    To access our channel you need to fill in the contact details.