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The world around us moves under the soft, subtle knock of a pendulum. Sunrise to sunset, business meetings before lunch-time and long-awaited trips to the parental home: it is so important to be on time everywhere, not lagging behind from the rhythm of the big city.

With WWB online store you can always “keep up to date”. Swiss Watches have long been considered the standard of style and quality. And now they are available for order on our website. The catalog presents a wide range of models for every taste – from classic to luxury, decorated with precious metals.

Among their advantages:

  • water resistance and durability;
  • high-quality materials, not subject to corrosion;
  • a unique mechanism that does not fail even after many years of use.

The work of our team is organized in such a way that the buyer can quickly, conveniently and profitably buy an original Swiss watch. No more spending your leisure time on endless shopping malls. Brand New watches are covered by international warranties backed by official after-sales service centers, while Pre-owned are covered by the WWB 12-month warranty.

Men’s Swiss watches are a sense of pride for the owners, skillfully combining reliability and durability. With them, as they say: “through the fire, and into water.” Laconic design will complement any image and remind others of your impeccable taste. Any selected model comes fully factory-fitted, which allows it to be presented as a gift to a loved one.

And to make everything even easier, we have prepared a Swiss watch rating for our customers. Products from these brands are preferred worldwide. High operational characteristics and aesthetics are the main reasons for this.

Why customers choose us?

Warranty & Convenience

We are working over the globe for more than 5 years. All items are covered by an international warranty supported by official after-sales service centers.

Only Verified Dealers

All watches that we deliver are purchased only from authorized dealers and distributors in the original packaging with documents and an international brand guarantee.

Online Support 24/7

Another indisputable advantage of the company is communication with the buyer at all stages of placing an order and its delivery. At any time, you can contact the manager and get answers to your questions.

Regardless of which Swiss watch was selected (male or female), our catalog will open for you a limitless world of exquisite style, prices will be pleasing, and the efficiency of the managers will impress even the most demanding audience. Another undeniable company’s advantage is the communication with the buyer at all stages from placing an order till delivery has been completed.

At any time, you could contact the manager and get answers to your questions. An order is executed only subject to pre-agreed prices and terms of delivery.

Used Swiss watches are a great opportunity to save money. To get closer to luxury, you do not have to have billions in your bank account! Models go on sale, tested by experienced craftsmen. They work perfectly and look presentable. We can guarantee the authenticity of the goods. WWB – an original Swiss watch store.

Along with competitive pricing, our team is proud of the highest level of service providing comfortable purchase conditions. The most precious thing in life is time. Learn to manage it rationally with us!